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Excellent and easy to understand

ByAmazon Customer on December 23, 2016
This book offers explicit explanation of PMP exam concepts which complements the PMBOK. It has multiple application questions and exam sample questions. Highly recommend it.
PMP boot camp with this book and lead by the author. Great Class
By Amazon Customeron December 8, 2016
I Recently took a PMP boot camp that used this book and was lead by the author. Passed the exam on my first attempt. Read it, Learn it, Live it


Excellent PMP Book

By vikram khanna on September 20, 2016
I had a great opportunity to do my PMP boot camp with Professor Sohel and have been reading this book for my PMP preparation for the last month. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book so far. The individual chapters are concise and easy to read and understand – that makes the reading of the booking interesting. The questions at the end of the chapter are a great asset to the book.
I have learnt a lot about Project Management and would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about PM or is planning to take the PMP certification exam.


 I recommend the book and the live seminar
By V. Miller on December 2, 2016
I attended Sohel 4 day class. It was very informative and interesting. He used real world experiences to help explain the different topics that were covered. The book has lots of examples and questions to make studying for the exam a lot easier. Since there are not only problems to solve and questions to answer, but also puzzles in the sections enable you to work through the book without getting uninterested.


This is the book you need to prepare for the PMP
By Markon September 5, 2016

I did not test for the PMP until February, but I had taken my classroom study in late 2015. The new test had changed drastically from what I had studied. Before retaking the exam I bought everything I could find that said it was updated. This is the book I truly think got me through the exam. The book and the exam at the end are tough but thorough. This is the only book I have on my desk now if I need any PM help.


Passed PMP on my first try with this book.
By Amazon Customer on August 8, 2016
Sohel’s book is a good prep book that can complement the PMBOK. He has summarized the information in a more organized and concise format which makes it easier for me to read. I passed my PMP on my first try, with the help of his book and the questions in it as well.


Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on July 14, 2016
books came on time like promised and love it..


Save your money, and just buy this book.
By BOB on May 25, 2016
Best PMP book; actually the single best resource I purchased to study for the PMP. I hope the author updates it for the PMBOK 6.


Excellent PMP Exam Prep Guide

By M. F. on May 19, 2016
I like Sohel’s textbook for the following reasons:
– I am a visual thinker and the many graphs in the book (there is almost one per page) make it easier to understand the material.
– End-of-chapter questions and answers reinforce the material you just learned.
– The chapter on “How to Pass the PMP Exam on the First Try” is of particular importance and you should read it multiple times.
– A 200 question test (for which you are given 4 hours) tests whether you are ready to take the actual test; in my opinion, if you score at 85% or higher, you are ready.
Sohel’s textbook also shows that you can successfully publish your own textbook through Amazon (no traditional publisher required).


Great Learning Tool!
By Amazon Customer on April 7, 2016
This book is extremely informative, very easy to read and does a fantastic job of preparing you for the exam. I highly recommend this as a tool for anyone looking to prepare for the PMP exam or looking to learn about project management processes and best-practices in general.


I have taken multiple PMP courses in the past promising great results but none of the manuals that I have …

By Clint Perryman, J.D. on April 5, 2016
The PMP Certification Prep Manual produced and authored by Sohel Akhter is perhaps the most remarkable PMP preparation materials that I have ever encountered. I have taken multiple PMP courses in the past promising great results but none of the manuals that I have ever read and studied come any where close to the PMP Certification Prep Manual offered by Sohel Akhter. I wish that I knew about this manual in previous years because I could have saved myself a lot of time and money. I highly recommend the manual to anyone that is a serious candidate for becoming PMP certified, this manual is awesome with outstanding material; and a tremendous amount of skill, talent, techniques, and resourceful details is invested in this work of art. Again, if you are serious about becoming PMP certified do your self a favor and make an investment that you will not regret.


Definitely recommend it.
By Priya Ponnuswamy on March 2, 2016
This is very well organized and has a lot of exercises throughout each chapter to test yourself on key concepts and attacking exam problems. Definitely recommend it.
By Amazon Customer on March 1, 2016
I am currently studying for the PMP I must say this book truly explains the subject manner and concepts in a way that is easily absorbed by the aspiring PMP Professional, from topic to equation I find this an essential tool.


 … the pmp exam within 3 weeks and was very pleased with the passing grade that I received
By Roy Aukerman on February 25, 2016
I worked through this book over 4 days and took the pmp exam within 3 weeks and was very pleased with the passing grade that I received. This book may seem overwhelming based on its size but when broken down into sections it was very easy to read and comprehend. The example questions were particularly helpful They were right on with the exam.

 This book is an excellent guide for studying

By Amazon Customer on February 17, 2016
This book is an excellent guide for studying. I am about a third though and the author explains everything very clearly


I strongly recommend this book if you are serious about passing your …
By Clement Dupuis on February 11, 2016

Having done more than 3 dozens security related certifications over the past 25 years, I know what it takes to pass an exam and succeed. I strongly recommend this book if you are serious about passing your exam on the first trial.
The book is following what I call the HOLISTIC approach. It teaches you all of the key objectives of the CBK that you must know for this exam. The book is very well organized and easy to follow. It has all of the essentials without cluttering or fluff.
The author is someone who works in project management and has been teaching PMP classes for years, his knowledge is up to date and he’s certainly Mr. PMP. He lives, breathes, and does PMP related task every single day.
Sohel is doing a fantastic job at sharing his real world experience and use it to explain some of the most difficult topics in simple to understand terms with supporting example, graphics, and charts.
Clement Dupuis, CD
Owner and Founder of CCCure


Went through all the chapters and the exam like you said and it prepared me really well

By Pezon February 3, 2016
Sohel, I purchased your new updated book, went through all the chapters and the exam like you said and it prepared me really well. Passed the exam. Thanks again for the training, tips and the updated book.


Great book
By lamide Olagundoye on January 18, 2016
Great book to pass


Passed on the FIRST ATTEMPT 1-2016
By Chris DeGrane on January 8, 2016
This book has been by my side for the last 4 months and I don’t think I’d be writing this (after passing today) had I not used it. I attended the Rebus PMP boot camp 18 months ago and was given a copy of this book as well as the laminated “cheat sheet”. I was so comfortable with the material that I wound up buying the flash cards too (but now what do I do with them)! I committed to this book (as it was all I had) and honestly never once looked at the PMBOK. I wasn’t a PMI member until I registered for the test and by that time this had become my PMP bible. I did EXACTLY what he tells you to do. I went through the book twice (as suggested), answered every fill in the blank question and every chapter test question, probably about 350 total. THEN I took the 4 hour, 200 question final exam in the back of the book (about a week ago) and scored about 85% on my first (and only) time through it. I then “bought access” to a popular PM simulator web site and took 3 MORE 4 hour tests this past week and consistently scored above 85% in those as well. I just cannot imagine having gone to that exam today without having taken those practice exams!! The bottom line here is that the ONLY reference material I used was Sohel’s book. In my opinion, after my brief one day old certification, is that if you can answer all 30 questions at the end of every chapter at a rate of 85% after the SECOND time through and then take the final (in the book) and get 85%, then you’re ready. The hard part is not taking the final after the first time through and reading the material (which you’ve no doubt highlighted) again. That’s what was suggested to me so that’s what I did and I passed today with (3) MP’s and (2) P’s (proficient). Oh, another tip, those exam folks LOVE the Project charter and also Risk!
Thanks Sohel!!

 Highly Recommended!
By Amazon Customer on January 7, 2016
I passed the PMP exam on the first try, and am certain I would not have accomplished that without this book. I did attend the prep course as well, and then used the book to study in the following months before I sat for the exam. It breaks down each process area thoroughly and while the material is certainly not easy, the book clarifies it in a way that makes it easier to digest. There are also helpful form templates and invaluable example questions. I definitely recommend it for anyone beginning the journey to PMP certification!


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone studying for the PMP

By Amazon Customer on January 4, 2016
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone studying for the PMP. The material is well organized, detailed, and easily interpreted. The end of chapter exercises are amazing and ensures that you understand the content clearly. The practice questions come with a detailed explanation on why an answer is either correct of incorrect. These explanations will help you when more than one choice looks correct.

 If you like mind maps
By Paul Kingsbury on December 11, 2015
To All Those Preparing for their PMP exam,
This book is a must! I have been studying on and off for almost a year (work keeps getting in the way). I have used many different resources to help prepare me, including the PM Prep Cast, but this is the first one that organized and presented the information in a way that made complete sense to me.
If you like mind maps, you’ll love this book. The information is displaced in so many different visual forms, aiding in the memorization needed to pass PMP.
Can you write down all 47 process and all the equations in 10 minutes? If not, get this book.
I know I must sound like a sales guy, but honestly, reading this book and having met Sohel, whom btw is the best teacher I’ve had since my Shakespeare class in highschool (Lisgar Collegiate class of ’94, Mr. Peters).


Passed the PMP today and never cracked PMBOK
By A. Peltier on June 11, 2014
First have to confess that I didn’t use his book alone but also attended one of his weeklong courses in NYC but those are just a flood of information while the book was key. It’s laid very systematically to take you through all the knowledge areas and every input/output/tools and techniques. Everything you need to know for the test can be found here in a well written layout but the REAL GEM are his review questions. In doing my final prep for the test I was using additional online practice tests and was concerned at how different (longer!) these questions were. I actually had trouble answering those other sample questions! I wondered what style the actual test questions would be like and to my utter relief they were JUST LIKE THESE! That means I went through several hundred PMP realistic questions in this prep book multiple times until I felt comfortable. Sitting for the exam today wasn’t a breeze. I only had 30 minutes left to review marked questions but I know I wouldn’t have done nearly as well I as did (3 moderately proficient and 2 proficient) without this study guide.
Now, for a couple of suggestions that I think would make it even better.
1. Have a set of dedicated questions that are ONLY about Input/Output/T&T steps. Super simple to give you a shot at really feeling like you’ve got all 500+ understood. That was a ton of information that was super important but I didn’t feel 100% confident (or even 80%).
2. In the answer key, identify which knowledge area the question is weighted against. Since the PMP only gives you a breakdown against those areas, It would be nice to have a quick reference when you’re reviewing the answers.
3. And finally, I see a really valuable app here. I assume that he’s already thinking about that (I hope!) but these questions would be so great on your phone so you could study anywhere.
If you’re trying to pick a text, you won’t be let down with this one. It’s useful, complete and ACCURATE! And like the title says, I never picked up PMBOK and turns out I didn’t need too.

 Best book for studying and passing the PMP exam and beyond!!!!
By Barbara McClintock on February 8, 2014
 I recently took the PMP boot camp organized by the Technical Institute of America (TIA), New York (Feb 3rd – 7th, 2014). I thought I could write and give my written appreciation for this excellent training program. Many of the PMP aspirants would be seeking for a PMP crash course. This is the program that you should look for. The course teacher was none other than Sohel Akhter himself, the author of this volume. He was an excellent teacher.
I have attended the PMP intro training in many places in the past. Sohel’s training was the epitome. It is not just my opinion and there was a general consensus among the class members that I discussed with, during post training session. He was able to give the essence of what is needed, tirelessly covered all the materials few times, until everyone understood the concepts. Above all he was a patient listener and he never got angry or upset when the same question was asked again and again for clarification. He was very helpful in this regard clarifying everyone’s doubt and satisfy their needs and wants.
As I have gone through few books regarding PMP exam (Headfirst, Andy Crowe, Rita Mulcahy, Kim Heldman and few others). Having gone through various books, I could persuasively argue that Sohel’s approach to the subject was unique and point to the core. For example, Rita’s book is nice and rated highly among other fellow PMP enthusiasts. However, if they happen to see Sohel’s book, they might have to change their idea about this. Rita’s book is a way too wordy that either you might miss out important information or you have to look hard for it. It can be tiring sometime or tiresome to read that you wouldn’t have time to read or go through the material properly. On the contrary, in Sohel’s book is simple and straightforward, every concept is explained very clearly and all the materials are laid out properly.
The questions in Rita’s volume is good, more like what someone would expect from a PMP exam. However, Sohel’s questions are much better and harder. If you could train, understand, and learn how to deal with it, it will help to pass the PMP exam with much ease. Additionally, Sohel’s book contains exam simulation questions at the end of the volume along with the formula cheat sheets and a glossary. This makes it a perfect companion for anyone preparing for the PMP exam. I would rate this volume very highly!

Excellent Book
By Andrew on January 23, 2014
 I found this book easy to follow and the information very well organized. Sohel breaks the information down with real world examples which makes it easy for the reader to follow and really hammers home the information being provided. The review questions at the end of the chapters are challenging and are more like the practice test questions you would find on the PMP. I have compared this to other books I have seen and found their review questions to be easier which would give you a false sense of confidence since the actual exam is much harder. I would highly recommend this as a study guide to this exam for anyone preparing for the PMP.


Confidence to pass !
By JR on January 23, 2014
Sohel Akhter’s, Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam prep, is a comprehensive and focused PMP review resource and provides material that the standard “PMBOK” study guides do not. Each chapter has in depth review questions and provides explanations of both correct and incorrect choices, further reinforcing the knowledge areas. There is also a 200 question, four hour exam, which models the challenges of the PMP exam itself, and all required formulas are captured for easy memorization. This is an exam prep that is focused on one thing… giving you the confidence you will need to pass the exam on the first try!

 Extremely thorough and easy to read
By Susan D. Ward on January 7, 2014
This book is complete, well organized and very thorough. Explanations and examples are easy to follow. The practice and review questions are well written and the explanations of the correct answers are very helpful. Individuals preparing for the PMP certification exam will find the book a good sources for their study.

 An absolute value-add for a prospective PMP
By Shalini on April 30, 2014
This book is truly ‘the asset’ to help anyone clear the PMP exam, by focusing only on its contents – ‘end to end’, for one month. It does deliver all that it promises, it easies the PMP journey.
This book was my primary source of study for the PMP exam (beyond some sample questions on the internet). Now that I have cleared the PMP in my first attempt, I would recommend this book highly, as being the only source that is thoroughly focused in ensuring that it equips you with the right mix of contents, delivered in a clear concise format to pass the exam in the first attempt. The exam is tough and unconditionally demands the kind of focus that this book delivers. The sample questions in this book give a clear perspective of how the exam questions would be structured – this probably is the only source you would need if you want to get things right the first time.
Besides setting the exam perspective, it has many real world examples that would serve as high-quality reference material for actual project management.
I had attended the training course that the author of this book handled, in Dec 2013 and used his study materials. I got this book which the author recommended to me in Mar 2014 for the practice questions. I studied this book end to end and ensured that I solved all the sample questions including the 200 sample exam questions included at the end of this book. It was all totally worth it!

 My number 1 ranked PMP study material
By Frank Passalacqua on January 12, 2015
In studying for my PMP exam, I have examined and trail-studied many-many books; Trying to ultimately find one main book to study from, which would provide the most fluid information, and prepare me the most for the exam.
Sohel Akhter’s book was by far the most fitting and my number one selection. I used this book as my main study material.
I like the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam prep, best mainly because of a few key reasons
1. Format
Format is set up so it flows orderly and set up with many visuals, so to help one better remember the concepts and points. This booked promoted better memorization for me
2. Content:
Content is very complete with detail and outlines areas of key importance. This allows one to understand both the “How-to” details, and operations of project management, while highlighting areas which are especially prone to be tested / asked in the exam…
3. Practice exercises
Exercises are set up very logical, and allow fundamental progression to occur. The explanations are the best and most complete which I have come across, and the practice exam section is questions just like the exam
I strongly recommend this book. It has helped me out tremendously and I believe it is the best material out there for PMP exam prep.
FYI – I also have the Cheat-Sheet,(PMP Quick Reference Guide) by the same author “Sohel Akhter” …. it is fantastic and a must as well. It outlines the most critical parts to know for the PMP exam and it is a great to help memorization.

 Passed PMP on first try, using this as my only source of preparation!
By Valeria S. on May 28, 2015
I am sooo glad I got to use this book for my PMP preparation. The questions in the exercises are extremely similar to those in the PMP exam, and was what really prepared me. The content is also great, and easy to go through. I think the benefit of this book is definitely in the quality of the exercises as well as the exam tips. THIS WAS MY ONLY SOURCE FOR PREPARATION along with Sohel’s Quick Reference Guide
I passed the exam on my first try with Proficient in all process groups. Therefore, I don’t really have any Cons to report! I studied for a month 2-3 hours a day average, and then had an intensive cramming session over 3 days of just doing all of the exercises in the book.
Just to note, I bought the PMBOK and reviewed it after I had gone through Sohel’s book, just to realize that everything, and more, that I needed was in Sohel’s book. Therefore I didn’t use it at ALL in my preparation.

 Excellent Book – Best PMP Prep-Guide
By Ranya Abbas on January 27, 2015
This is an excellent PMP prep book and probably the only book you need have if you’re considering taking the PMP exam. I found the content to be very descriptive yet simple. After every chapter, you will have about 30 review questions with detailed answers at the end. This helps you know where you stand in a particular knowledge area before moving forward and will also help you assess which areas you need to focus on. The book also contains list of all formulas you need to know for the exam as well as glossary of terms and acronyms. This book also contains quick reference to all processes, inputs, tools, techniques and outputs which serves as an excellent summary to all knowledge area and this is something you can easily and practically apply in your day-to-day work. Lastly, the book has 200 questions which you can use to practice before the actual test. Overall, I am very pleased with this book and plan to keep it as a point of reference throughout my PM career.

 Excellent Study Book
By AJ Mercier on  May 12, 2015
I recently passed the PMP exam! I attended one of Sohel Akhter’s Preparatory courses in November 2014 and we used this textbook along with the associated Quick Reference Guide (QRG). Both the textbook and the QRG were my primary guides while studying for the PMP exam. The material within the textbook is presented in a logical manner that is easy to understand. Sohel covers all the topics while stressing the important concepts. You’ll be pleased to discover that this textbook is filled with examples, exercises, diagrams, and test questions that further help your understanding of the material. I would highly recommend this textbook to anyone who is looking to fully understand the project manager’s role in an organization or someone who is preparing to pass the PMP exam.

 Comprehensive Study Guide
By acim on October 30, 2014
The book is very thorough and does a good job explaining a very dense topic into sizable chunks that you can absorb. Its a much easier read than some others I have read (ok…tried to read). I plan to use this as my primary study guide for the test. There are sample questions at the end of each chapter that are tough and a few that are tricky. After the questions there is an answer section that does a great job explaining not only which answer is right but why it was right. I liked that.
My hope is to read the book cover/cover twice and if can ace the questions in this book and some online sample tests I will challenge the test.

 The Indept PMP Exam Prep Manual
By Jasper Eaddy on January 21, 2014
Prior to purchasing this book, I read through Andy Crowe’s “The PMP Exam”. Although Andy’s book have a lot of good information regarding the PMP exam, Sohel Akhter’s book offers more information and details not only about what is required to pass the PMP exam but also how to be a Professional Project Manager. This these reasons, I highly recommend Akhter’s Project Management Professional Exam prep. In addition, the questions at the end of each chapter are challenging. Happy reading fellow managers.

 and easy to follow
By Kevin Tran on July 6, 2015
This book is complete, comprehensive, precise, and easy to follow. The concrete examples illustrate the abstract concepts very well. The tips on how to pass the exam are excellent.
I already have CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management & passed them on 1st try) 4 years ago so instead of renewing for the CAPM, I signed up for the PMP certification. I know project management concepts in and out and use them a lot for my own process improvement projects. When I’m studying project management now, my goal is broader than just passing the exam. I want to update myself with the new knowledge and skills based on the updates in PMBOK 5th edition, understand what and why there are changes and how to apply them to my current work projects. This book satisfy and exceed my expectations. I’m very confident to pass on the first try with just this book.
My personal thought is that CAPM and PMP exams are relatively easy to pass comparing to the difficult and super technical actuarial exams or any engineering exams based on my actual experience. Therefore, don’t stress yourself out too much! The PMP is not as hard as you might think. It is merely testing your knowledge of project management and the skills of how to apply these knowledge in various scenarios based on the PMI framework.
The key to pass the exam is then:
1. Knowing all the “WHAT” (terms, concepts, processes, ITTO etc).
2. Understand “WHY” they have these processes set out in a certain sequence.
3. Understand “HOW” various items in ITTO are related.
4. In the exam, always assume you are a project manager, know “HOW” to apply your knowledge to solve problems in various situations. Remember to do what the PMI framework recommends, not necessary the way you actually manage your project.

 Paramount to my success in becoming a PMP!
By Mr. c on April 29, 2015
This book was paramount for me in reaching the objective of passing the PMP exam in the spring of 2015. Having received it as part of my course in the summer of 2014 I did delay my feedback, because I had to actually use the book first for further study and also take the exam before I felt qualified to provide sound opinion about not just the content I read, but also its usability. This was not the only book I used, because such a diverse and complicated topic simply cannot be addressed in one book only, but I can highlight the following:
– Concise, highly usable, 100% relevant content for both new and aspiring exam candidates
– The book really focuses on the central concepts of PMI’s project management standard with regard to the processes, inputs and outputs, tools and techniques and a plethora of relevant concepts and formulas that are all essential
– In comparison to RMC’s best selling PMP Exam Prep book I found this book somewhat easier to understand and grasp, although I have to say I had many months of studying using the RMC book before I started using this one and I also took a training course led by the author which may well have influenced my view. I liked its objective tone and its focus on inputs and outputs, which is not really the main topic in the other book.
– I liked many detailed explanations of certain ideas, for example the explanation on how to generate 3 sigma estimates or the clear and highly usable description of calculating critical path and float
– The package (if you get the book together with other items at the course) gives you a few very useful extras: I also received the 8 page summary sheet and other electronic material which helped me a lot. If you only buy the book, you will be pleased with the fact that it includes 500 questions in it to make it even more valuable without investing in much additional test material
– It is a bit hard to list all the positive aspects of the book, so I am sure to miss a few, but let me state that you will not regret using this as core prep material.
– Criticism: Even though I give the highest grades in my review, no valuation should stand without some criticism. First of all, le me say my review is based on the First Edition, and I know that now the 3rd is out that has a lot of additions. I found using other materials very important next to the book, because for example a very few concepts from the PMBoK 5 were not in the book. This may not even be a valid one though, because it is mentioned to use the PMBoK as well, the book is not to replace the standard itself. One other observation is that some more explanation or test examples would have been nice to add to the more complex topics like EVM or calculations concerning procurement. Have to add though that neither RMC nor the PMBoK itself was better in this regard. Finally, a book of such proportions in my opinion is almost impossible to produce to be perfectly acceptable to all the audience it is useful for. Do get it!!
Sohel’s work is very highly recommended to any PMP exam candidate or enthusiast!
Csaba Tanczos

 My Key to Passing the PMP Exam on First try
By Amazon Customer on February 19, 2014
Sohel Akhter’s book was a key to my passing the exam on first try. I can say with confidence that I know about almost every PMP study aid/book/blog/discussion forum/mock exam that merits any attention. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and I’ve to admit that each source gave me something worthwhile. Sohel’s book, however, is #1 resource that helped me get the distillation of the knowledge bank needed to pass the final exam. It’s written with a laser-sharp focus on helping you prepare for passing the exam. The writing style is simple, organization is well-structured, and hands-on exercises (very important) are plentiful. One of the outstanding features of this book is the examples of the artifacts used in project management. Being a visually-oriented learner, I found it extremely helpful to see the examples. Another high point is the quality of questions at the end of each chapter (approx 30), 200 questions at the end of the book (they are harder than most sources online and are more realistic than “most” sources available). The answer explanations are very thorough too. Overall, I give it an A+.

 Sure shot way to pass the exam
By Naeem Ahmed on July 15, 2014
I took the exam and passed with proficient in all 5 areas. This book is great, I read it twice and completed the practice exam at the end of the book. It took about 6 weeks to cover this book twice and do the practice exams. Information in this book is exactly what was in the exam. Practice exam is also very close to the real exam and teaches you lot of tricks of the real exam. I also did practice exams at but I found that exam at the end of this book was much more reflective of real exam. I also bought the Rita Mulcahy book, but I found that it is trying to teach you project management, which is fine if you have 6 months for study. I stopped using Rita’s book and went with Sohail’s book, which is to the point and very effective for exam prep. I would also suggest buying the quick reference guide, it was very helpful.

 Easy to understand
By JayDee on February 9, 2015
The second and the only book one might need after the PMBOK guide is this one. While PMBOK is the main guide to PMP, Sohel Akhter’s exam prep book goes many steps beyond and prepares you well for the exam and more importantly, helps you understand the concept that lasts for ever. This is a book very well written. Easy to understand, in sync with PMBOK, good bank of Q&A, topics well explained.
I’m also using the pamphlet “PMP quick reference guide” and I must admit that this is exactly what I would prepare for myself while I prepare for the exam. If you need a quick refresher, trust me you need this pamphlet. Only suggestion/request I have for the author is that if this pamphlet could be available in PDF (might not be possible) or in some proprietary mobile app so that we could refer to it anytime anywhere.

 Great book by great PMP prep instructor
By Mercedes on April 28, 2014
I was lucky enough to have Sohel and this book before my first attempt at the PMP exam. I’m happy to report that I passed. I had done a bit of studying prior to the prep class but nothing ever stuck, gelled or made any sense until his instruction. The exercises are challenging and clarify the text/lesson. The questions on the book are actually tougher than most of the questions on the exam! Great way to test your readiness and the mind maps at the end of each lesson are just genius! They helped me to clarify the relationship between each the items, not to mention it was a great way of testing my understanding of what was just covered. This book may just be all you need to pass (but I highly recommend complementing it with his training as well). Good luck!

By Varun on June 12, 2014
Wao, what a book he has written, a master piece in itself. I am a PMP trainer myself and requested Sohel to send me a complimentary book, and he obliged me by accepting my request. Though I did not get time to review the entire book, however I went through the first unit of the book. My main concern was the difficulty level of the questions and I was quite amazed by reviewing the questions. They are very much similar to the ones you would see in the actual PMP exam. Then my second concern was the mathematical problems, so I went through the examples/numericals for cost and time management. Very nicely explained and covered all the concepts. I would recommend this book to everyone who want to clear the PMP exam in their first attempt.

By Ronnie on January 19, 2015
Love this book! I have all the top PMP Exam Prep books, finished with it and it has already more than paid for itself. So enjoyable i’m reading once more, while it is true I could have studied a bunch of “if … then” scenarios and just regurgitated what I had learned in order to pass the test, I am thankful for the background Mr. Sohel has provided in this book. I will agree that the exam may be hard to past however, this book goes beyond the objective of simply passing the PMP exam, although I would be ashamed to call myself a Certified Project Manager while never being introduced to some of the topics contained in this book such as the methodology evaluations and attentive to details.

 Excellent repository of everything you need for PMP Cert & Exam
By Vivian Tas on October 19, 2015
Every chapter ends with a summary diagram with the most important terms to know about that particular topic. It offers a collection of information in different packaging forms (formulas, processes, flow, sequences, etc…). The exercises after each chapter and the 200 questionnaire at the end of the book are well provided to validate the mastery of the topic. I highly recommend this workbook over the PMBOK. A must buy not only to learn the subject and pass the exam, but to also keep it handy as a great reference throughout your career. Great job Sohel!!

 Passed on the first attempt!
By C. Hennen on March 21, 2014
I can now say, without a doubt that I am fully satisfied with this book! I passed my PMP exam today! This book was the primary source (beyond a few sample exams from other locations) I used for studying leading up to my exam.
It is very logically written and has everything one would need to pass. Cheers to Sohel Akher and thanks for making such an easy to read and functional book! I am sure I would not have passed on my first try without this material!
In addition to the exam prep, the book can read well as a reference for doing actual project management planning as well.

 Outstanding Book
By Don S. on March 14, 2014
This book is one of the best investments you will make in you PM career. I tried Rita’s book and thought it was good but Sohel Akhter exceeds my expectations with simplicity of a very complex and voluminous subject. His organizational touch makes the material flow smoothly; it all finally comes together. His tips and learning techniques really bring out the brilliant instructor that he is. You can tell he really knows this material and he presents it in the most organized fashion I have experienced. I have over 20 years of program management experience.

 Better Choice!!
By MrGolfDoctor on November 5, 2014
Studying is not fun and can put you to sleep in a minute.
Mr. Akhter took the time to make this studying enjoyable and awaking in both eye and mind.
I have started studying 3 times, The PMP book last year almost made me quit! The Rita book knocked me out. Mr Ahtker has the ability to keep me interested and learn. The clear delivery leads to easy understanding of a dry topic.
Good Job
Mr. Akhter, Thanks for putting it together for me!!!
BTW – The reference and study guide are great refreshers. Well organized!

 Great book for successful completion of PMP certification
By Lakshmi Sunku on April 23, 2015
I completed the PMP certiifcation this week successfully. I was trained by Sohel. I used this book as a study material. It was great. The information is clear and easy to follow. The 200 question exam at the end of book and the quiz at the end of each chapter is very helpful. It gives us an idea of how the questions will be in the exam. I relied completely on this book and training material and was able to complete the certification successfully. I recommend this book as well as training with Sohel for PMP certification.

 “Best in Class” PMP Prep Book **Amazing**
By danielle on January 26, 2015
PMP Exam coaching is what I specialize in and I have seen alot of books intended to help you pass the PMP Exam but I NEVER, EVER saw a book as comprehensive as this one. It absolutely covers in great detail everything and anything that you could possibly come across on the PMP Exam. All these people tell me “Oh I use Rita’s book” — This blows Rita’s book out of the water by a mile. Get this book and get the accompanying Quick Reference Guide (QRG) and you have everything you need to pass the test. Period.

 By far the best PMP Prep Book
By Amazon Customer on November 5, 2014
This is by far the best PMP Prep book that I have come across in my journey to becoming a PMP.The information is clear, concise and comprehensive to help with the exam. The author, takes a very solid approach in conveying the information for the exam. I specifically liked the exercises and samples questions after each chapter. I struggled before with the math and formulas, but the way that Sohel explains it is less intimidating. I even recommended this Exam Prep to several of my colleagues preparing for their PMP.

 Nothing Short of Impressive!!
By Benjamin Jones on March 13, 2014
I could not recommend this book more if I tried. I just completed an instructional course on the topic that used this book. The author does a fantastic job of breaking down everything that you need to know without losing your attention. I have seen other books that are very dry and difficult to read. This book is easy to read but maintains a thorough description of every aspect of the processes. The questions and tests are also very good. Do yourself a favor and use this book to prepare yourself.

 I will have to admit in addition to reading through …
By jackie cudia on January 29, 2015
I will have to admit in addition to reading through this book I took a class that Sohel taught for 4 days (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). This PMP exam prep book and Sohel’s course were extremely helpful. Sohel organizes the material in an understandable format and presents many questions similar to questions on the test. Many of his suggestions are helpful (ie write down the 47 processes and equations immediately, take his practice exam several time, and mimic exam environment – 200 questions).

 Written by a competent author and instructor, this book is effective and easy to digest.
By Nikouri Brown on March 14, 2014
I recently took a PMP training course by this author and used this book. Having no prior “book” knowledge of PMI’s PMP exam, this book was perfect to help get me there. It is aligned by knowledge area and clearly details all process groups, inputs, tools/techniques, and outputs. It is organized in a way which allows you to actually read the material and retain it. Unlike the PMBok, this prep book is easily digestible. I will be keeping this book on my shelf for years to come.

 Best PMP exam prep resource on the market
By Tom on November 19, 2014
I found this book essential to prepare for the PMP Exam. The tables and diagrams in this book provide summaries that organize the complex project management processes. The book breaks down each Project Management Process and covers all of the essential formulas, inputs, outputs, tools and methods. The chapter quizzes and final exam questions are very similar to the actual PMP exam. The sections on how to prepare for the exam are excellent. Best PMP exam prep resource on the market!

 Excellent, Comprehensive, Easy to Follow
By Zhanna Baranets on March 9, 2014
I attended one of the author’s PMP bootcamps. He is very knowledgable and teaches all of the material required to pass the PMP exam the first time. The book is also well written and easy to understand and follow. It also has a sample 200 question PMP exam which simulates the actual exam very well. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to take the PMP exam. After attending his training bootcamp and studying his book I passed the PMP exam on the first try.

 Highly Recommend this book
By Julian Sanchez Jr on March 30, 2015
Highly recommend this book; so while starting to study for PMP exam i figure i would read the PMBOK guide first. So i did and after a few hours it really did not make any sense to me. So decided to try Sohel’s book and it made studying for this exam so much easier. It was so clear and easy to understand with plenty of question and answers, samples project management plans, diagrams, formulas, and so much more. Because of this book i am now PMP certified.

 This book is very well organized and extremely easy to understand
By Kim on November 28, 2014
This book is very well organized and extremely easy to understand. The questions throughout the chapters and at the end of each chapter and also the answers and explanation for each question solidifies the info in your memory. The 200 questions at the end of the book is also a great review. The diagrams and examples are also very useful and applicable. This book is well worth it and I would recommend it to everyone doing the pmp exam or any pm course.

 Best PMP prep book written
By Ruben on June 18, 2015
I consider this book to the best out there to prepare students to take the PMP examination and to gain a greater knowledge of the Project Management profession. In preparation for the exam I read three books that were recommended to me, and found this one (with all its practice exercises, clear explanations and examples) to be the best and the key to me understanding the material enough to successfully pass the PMP exam.

 Best in its kind
By Jet Chen on March 29, 2014
I am a PMP exam preparation trainer. i found Sohel’s PMP Exam Prep book is one of the most concise and catching-point PMP preparation books. The book covers almost every exam key point. It has comprehensive use cases, chapter questions and final 200 practice questions, it is the all-in-one book for effectively preparing the exam. I strongly recommend this book for all of my students, and whoever is preparing the PMP exam.

 Great book and Instructor!!
By Pen Name on April 24, 2014
So i recently took the 36 hour PMP pre certification course taught by this books author and i must say,Wow!! This man is extremely knowledgeable about the PMP topics and the book is roughly 600 pages but very easy to read, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t read allot. I already read the book and i am currently re reading it while preparing for the actual PMP exam,its a critical asset to me right now!

 Passed my PMP the first go around!
By Lisa U. on February 21, 2014
If you are thinking of taking the PMP exam and want a book that will help you clearly understand the concepts and prepare, then get this book! Akhter’s book is well organized and far from a boring read. It has several exam like questions after each chapter that are comparable to the level of difficulty on the real exam. This was my tool and technique for passing. Hopefully it will be yours. Good luck!

 Not Your Average PMP Prep Guide
By Amazon Customer on May 7, 2014
Everything you need to know to pass the exam. And, the best part – – all in one book! The example themes are carried throughout the entire book which makes understanding and building upon previous lessons easier to assimilate. The exam questions are representative of the ones you will find on the exam. This book is your one-stop shop for all topics, great examples, and terrific explanations.

 PMP Exam Passed
By FYIuser on July 13, 2015
Excellent book. The Best for PMP exam. I pass the exam this Apr 2015 with this book. I used this as my primary source for study and my second book used was the Ritas PMP Exam Prep but only the exam questions. All the principles I used came from this book and I passed the exam with it. Only with these two sources I passed the exam. The questions in the real exam are identical in these books.

 Must have book for PMP exam
By L Con March 6, 2014
I found this book extremely informative, concise and easy to read. The complex concepts are explained in a logical way making it simple to understand and easy to remember. You don’t have to be stressed out about memorizing formulas if you understand the basic concepts. I found the examples given in the book very valuable. I will suggest this book to all who wants to appear for PMP exam.

 great command of subject matter
By John Harlow on June 26, 2014
I had the privilege of having Sohel himself teach me from his own book. Many may say this would be a biased review, however, I had studied from the PMBOK guide and Rita’s book before taking his class and his material is fantastic. He absolutely has command of the subject matter and it’s his material I studied to pass the exam 1st try. I highly recommend this book in your PMP war chest.

 questions and cases that make it easy to understand
By Hani on October 31, 2014
I successfully passed the PMP exam in first trial by reading this book only. The book is quite comprehensive, full of examples ,questions and cases that make it easy to understand. The most thing I liked in this book comparing to others that it is not wordy,very focused to the point without much explanations that make feel bored from subject. This book is highly recommended.

 A Must for Reviewers and Reference for PM Practitioners Too
By N. Aquino on March 6, 2014
The book is well organized and structured. The practice tests at the end of the chapters are very comprehensive and thorough. Thre are a lot to cover while reviewing for the PMP exam and Sohel did a great job in presenting the various topics with simple terms and easy to understand format. This book is a must to pass the examinations and be a certified PMP.

 Comprehensive Review for PMP Prep
By Jaikaushi Devireddy on February 18, 2014
Richa Bangia
Mr. Ahktar has done a phenomenal job organizing this PMP prep book. It is easy to follow with examples and comprehensive explanations for all sample questions. The chapter summaries are a great way to ensure all important points are covered. I would highly recommend this book if you want to pass the exam on your first try!!

 Easy to read and digest
By pradeep mannil on July 10, 2014
Recently I have purchased this book. Really a straight forward and simple approach with real world examples.Easy to read and digest. Whatever is required for passing the the exam is included. The author has partially adopted writing style of ” Rita” but all superfluous information has been omitted. Highly recommended!

 Great Book – Passed the PMP exam the first try
By Max Medeiros on April 18, 2014
This is an excellent book. It’s simple to read and understand. The practice examples are very much aligned with the PMI exam. I had a chance to check other books like Head First and Andy’s PMP prep book to compare. This book is much better organized and very objective. It made my life a lot easier. Sohel Akhter- Great Job!

 A great guide for preparing for the PMP Certification Exam
By Kimberly Magalong on April 3, 2015
A great guide for preparing for the PMP Certification Exam. It incorporates project management examples to help understand the 47 PM processes and remember the associated inputs, tools and techniques and outputs. The book provides many example questions similar to what you should expect during the exam.

 Review on presentation slides based on the book
By Monalisa Agrawal on April 4, 2014
I did not read the book, but, I attended the training course given by Sohel and used his slides for my preparation. The slides are completely based on this book. They were excellent and my primary source for preparation for the PMP exam. I passed the exam on my first attempt!
Highly recommend!

 This book is great and full of real examples
By Fred on September 5, 2014
Sohel’s book was great, I just finished his boot camp course using this book and ordered his PMP quick reference guide. I plan to review the book, and schedule the PMP exam within the next several weeks. I would recommend his book to anyone interested in project Management and the PMP Certification.

 Best PMP Prep Guide on the market!
By Debbie on February 4, 2014
Sohel Akhter, has created a user friendly, interactive study guide with meaningful examples, practice questions and detailed explanations. The book is well organized, reflects PMBOK’s updates and includes a realistic full length practice exam. It’s a must have asset when preparing for the PMP exam.

 Must have book for anyone preparing for certification
By Kimberly Dillon on January 15, 2014
The author is an outstanding trainer and this book reflects his teaching style. The content and organization of this book make the daunting task of preparing for the PMP exam easy to achieve. His students love the book – the examples used are ones that a PMP will find in field and on the exam.

 Execellent Resource.
By Joe LaGanga on July 27, 2014
Excellent book for studying as well as for a reference in a classroom environment. This book puts the PMBOK into easy to follow language for the perspective PMP. I would recommend this reference to instructors who are in the position of teaching PMP study classes or study groups.

 This is the book if you want to pass the exam!
By George on March 18, 2014
A great book that covers the PMP material with clarity that makes understanding the concepts and specifics easier as well as with an insight into the actual exam so you can develop the right perspective for the exam. I passed. This book will help you to pass as well.

 Easy follow
By Randall Cunningham on March 17, 2014
I took the PMP Bootcamp last week and when using this book it was very straight forward with the information. This made it easy to understand and follow the processes being taught. I would recommend this book to anyone that is pursuing their PMP certification.

 Passed the test
By ek on July 6, 2015
I got this book by attending Sohel’s PMP online bootcamp. Course and book combo worked out well for me:) I attempted the PMI PMP exam soon after the course and passed. The Practice questions, answers and detailed explanations in this book were a great review.

 I am currently taking Sohel’s PMP certification course and the book provides the additional explanations and examples that are e
By Andrew J Sison on December 3, 2014
This book is well structured and organized. I am currently taking Sohel’s PMP certification course and the book provides the additional explanations and examples that are easy to follow. Highly recommended for all those pursuing their PMP certification.

 Excellent resource!
By Andy on January 6, 2015
I just passed the PMP exam on the first try. This book did a great job of preparing me and was my primary resource for studying. Well structured & comprehensive. Tips and practice questions very useful and on the mark. Would highly recommend this text.

 Great book

By Hershey101 on February 8, 2014
Sohel is a very good instructor. This book is simple, and easy to understand. It does a great job to prepare you for the PMP certification and also useful for daily job activities.
I highly recommend this book.

Menka Mehta

 Excellent – Project Management
By Vasil Papa on November 17, 2014
I highly recommend this book as an effective tool for learning about project management: whether testing for the PMI PMP Certification or enriching your project management skill set. The book is comprehensive ans filled with many great examples.