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Laila Bakry: PMP®, PhD, HND
on December 23, 2016
To put it simply, if you want to make sure you know every single concept for the PMP exam, get hold of these flash cards (340 cards). Candidates for the exam feel much more confident after using them as part of their learning and fixing information.
5.0 out of 5 starsQuality comes at a price. Invest in yourself to get materials with the right approach for studying.
ByElaine Jackson, BS, PMP, GPM-b
I have found this product to be of great value to students that want to take their study on a serious level.
Students that want to pass their PMP Exam with confidence need to look for ‘WHAT MORE CAN I READ — WHAT MORE IS OUT THERE THAT WILL EXPOSE WHAT I-DO-NOT-KNOW’
I believe as a PMP trainer that it is the knowledge gaps that lead to exam failure.
One does not know what they don’t know until they encounter it.
These cards are a great study source. They cover several approaches to many core topics you must know to master your PMP Exam.
I suggest you invest in this product and in products that will add to your knowledge of the subject.
Cutting corners will certainly lead to failure and wasted funds spent on test retakes that could have been avoided.
 I see it in the CARDS 🙂 
on March 3, 2016
I was looking for some flash card to help me recollect and master info for my current preparation of the PMP Exam and came to find these Flash cards. There GREAT!. Exactly what I was looking for. I use it on the train when I don’t have access Wi-Fi and take a percentage of them with me everyday to master it. A time tested necessary resource. I would absolutely recommend these cards to anyone looking to pass the PMP exam.
 Five Stars
on January 29, 2016
I love it and definitely worth every dime!!!

 Critical for Passing PMP
on December 18, 2015
Critical part of my study prep. I got a study book and used it with these flash cards and the free online Ricardo Vargas PMBOK Process Maps. These three pieces led to me passing the PMP with relative ease. Please be sure to check the current PMBOK version to make sure you are buying the right study material! The cards I bought were for the 5th Edition. After January 2015 the PMBOK will be revised.
 love these materials
By danielle on April 2, 2015
First I went over his book, which is the most comprehensive one on the market and then his quick reference guide which was a handy summary of the PMBOK and I thought I was all set and then I stumbled across these little gems. The flashcards make you visualize the right responses in your head before you flip the card over. That really makes it sink in when you get it right. You want the 1-2-3 punch? Get this guy’s book, quick ref guide and flash cards and you will ace the PMP on your first try….. I love these materials. I am known around the world as “The PM Tutor” and all my students are provided these materials because they cover EVERYTHING. Use what the pro uses! Use Sohel’s flashcards.

By Troy Goodman on January 20, 2015
Simply Fantastic. The author has the best PMP book, best Quick Reference Guide and now undoubtedly the best flash cards in the market. Congratulate professor Sohel for these spectacular PMP products. You are doing a huge favor to thousands of project managers.

 Great resource for repetitive learning
By Chris DeGrane on November 20, 2015
High quality cards. Great resource for repetitive learning. Very satisfied! Take test in 3 wks!

 Five Stars
By Kimry S. Taylor on September 29, 2015
Great addition to the book even though I didn’t use them that much.

 Highly recommended.
By Susan D. Ward on April 5, 2015
I have just received and looked through these cards. They are extremely well done and would be a definite help to anyone studying for the PMP or CAPM certification exam.