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and formulas for easy study and memorization

By Eileen Linder on February 11, 2018

Format: Pamphlet

This handy pamphlet provides quick reference rules, charts, and formulas for easy study and memorization. It’s priceless–that’s how great it is! The pamphlet is easy to read and the font size is perfect–not too small or large. It is sectioned off according to the chapters in Sohel Akhter’s book; therefore, making it easy to use with the text book, which I also highly recommend. Sized like a folder it is easy to carry and well made–not flimsy paper. Also helpful, is the color coding, which I particularly love. I also recommend taking his class if you can as he is an excellent instructor who is well versed and experienced in the field. This experience is conveyed in this pamphlet, his text, and his classes.


Best $20 you will spend

By Nabila Ali on January 27, 2018

Format: Pamphlet

Great reference tool! I’m working backwards using this as my outline while approaching the book, PMBOK, and online videos. It just helps my brain organize all the material so I can break apart all the info and easily digest it. You will not regret getting it as a supplement to your study.


Essential for PMP exam preparation

By Irene Market on October 20, 2017

Format: Pamphlet

The best comprehensive logical summary of PMP knowledge around
Strongly recommended !


It helped me to put all together pretty easy. I recommend it for anyone who is …

By Justin Kojok on May 24, 2017

Format: Pamphlet

This summarized guide was very helpful for my last minute reading when I was preparing for my PMP certification Exam. It helped me to put all together pretty easy. I recommend it for anyone who is preparing for their PMP Certification and as a companion for project managers.


… guide plus his 340 PMP Flash cards are the best on the market

By Sean Clovey on March 18, 2017

Format: Pamphlet

This reference guide plus his 340 PMP Flash cards are the best on the market.
They were the key aid in helping me pass the PMP® on the first attempt.


Laila Bakry : PMP®, PhD, HND

By Laila Bakry on December 23, 2016

Format: Pamphlet

As a trainer, I can say this 8 page reference guide is an overview of the whole PMP course. It literally guides you through your preparation work by organizing information. You will have a clear understanding of where each learned concept fits and how it relates to the big picture. Definitely worth getting.


An excellent reference guide

By WESapONE  on July 28, 2016

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

An excellent reference guide, very well laid out and accurate. This guide was a key aid in my passing the PMP® on the first attempt!

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Excellent Reference Guide

By M. F. on June 4, 2016

Format: Pamphlet

I like Sohel’s 8 page “Quick Reference Guide” for the following reasons:
– It highlights the most important facts of Sohel’s 600 page textbook.
– It contains a three digit number of definitions.
– I am a visual thinker and the approximately 18 tables and around 30 graphs make it easier to remember the material.
You still need to do the following in order to pass the PMP:
– You still need to read Sohel’s textbook.
– Depending on what study type you are, it might be helpful to take a PMP exam prep class.


A little pricey for 8 pages but very useful.

By Amazon Customer on May 27, 2016

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

This is a great summary / reference document. I used it in conjunction with a study guide (Rita) and a prep course conducted by the local PMI chapter and passed the PMP exam on the first try.


.. Certification Prep Exam offered by author Sohel Akhter is awesome. It is amazingly organized strategically according to the

By Clint Perryman, J.D. on April 5, 2016

Format: Pamphlet

The 8 page quick reference guide for the PMP Certification Prep Exam offered by author Sohel Akhter is awesome. It is amazingly organized strategically according to the disciplines of the PMP exam requirements. It is an easy read and provides all of the fundamental quick references to all of the most important sections of the PMP exam requirements. When I refer to the quick reference guide it gives me a great sense of ease and confidence rebooting my memory overload with the vast materials from the manual. I highly recommend this 8 Page Reference Guide as a must have companion aid with the PMP Certification Exam Prep Manual because the two types of studying materials combined provides a tremendous confidence builder and reinforcement of the PMP exam material requirements. A perfect 10!


Five Stars

By Priya Ponnuswamy on March 2, 2016

Format: Pamphlet|     Verified Purchase

This is very handy and I can see myself using it a lot to refresh formulas and key terms.


Five Stars

By Amazon Customer on February 21, 2016

Format: Pamphlet

a handy tool that summarizes the ITTO’s and formulas


This is an AMAZING product!

By Amazon Customer on February 19, 2016

Format: Pamphlet

This is an AMAZING product! . By itself, this Quick Reference Guide provides valuable information for preparing the PMP Certification Exam. I highly recommend it.



A++ reference guide

By lamide Olagundoye on January 28, 2016

Format: Pamphlet

Excellent reference Guide, it has all the important information summarized up. highly recommended


Great guide

By Kindle Customer on December 31, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

PMP here i come


Sohel’s Quick Reference Guide was the perfect study chart

By Donna Hutz on December 3, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

Sohel’s Quick Reference Guide was the perfect study chart. I read and kept this chart with me everyday as a key took to keep me on top of the processes and quick look up when I needed it.


Very helpful and worth the money!

By Nicole Freedman on November 3, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

This guide was SO helpful. I used it prior to reading each chapter of the text book to give me a general idea of what each chapter was about. I then used it as a study guide after I had gone through the chapter to test my knowledge.


Five Stars

By Samson on October 27, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

Good working tool to pass PMP a MUST have.


Very well summarized for you to study and walk into the exam!!

By Vivian Tas on October 19, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

Everything is done for you on this quick reference guide for each chapter in the PMBOK.
Excellent exam tool to help study for the exam and to retain memory before the exam. I particularly liked the charts, tables and pictures of each chapter. It organizes my thoughts to where things are in the vast topic of PMP… and a picture is worth 1000 words.
Highly recommend this awesome tool by Sohel. A must buy!!


Great Guide!

By Kimry S. Taylor on September 29, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

Love this! A great addition to the book.


this is the top notch quick reference guide that helps …

By Rangaswami kona on September 24, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

this is the top notch quick reference guide that helps with tips and tricks and shortcuts. right on the money.


Best investment for your PMP Exam preparation

By Valeria S. on May 28, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

Such a great tool to compliment Sohel’s Exam preparation book. Once I had gone through the terms on the book, this guide was the best tool for memorization and making sure I learned all of the important terms. It really is all encompassing for terms and formulas.


Get it now, it is a no brainer!

By Mr. c on April 29, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

I received the guide as part of my required training in the summer of 2014. I first had so much to do at work that I had to put all the materials away, and it took me a while to start studying, and was ready to buy another one when I just found it in my previous work bag :). This is a superb piece of summary and I don’t know how I would have been without this one, because I essentially would have had to produce one or buy, but I am not sure if any of the others are so complete as this one. I did produce some quite useful and concise notes myself, but looking at this reference a bit later corrected some of the numbers and concepts I thought I knew but turned out I somehow mixed them up, because I mostly focused on the ITTOs and not so much on the additional material. Everyone having gone through the process of becoming a PMP knows that studying this material is a hard challenge, and it cannot, it really cannot be learnt using traditional, sequential methods. You have to study horizontally, vertically, top-down and bottom-up and you need some smart tools and summaries like this one to keep yourself focused, updated and be able to refresh all the backbone anytime. The grouping of the ITTOs into common ones is extremely useful, and I found it out later in my studying process that I should have focused first on the grouped concepts, and then try to study them in more detail, not the other way around. The ref guide bridges some important issues that both the book, the PMBoK and other materials have, namely they are either too big or too cumbersome to look up on your laptop or smart phone, while the ref guide is essentially once piece of thin paper that can always be with you, and you can look at it whenever you want. I suggest you buy it and if you can, buy another one as well, because mine almost got completely used up by the end of my study process. It will also be useful to update with notes later on as PMBoK changes. Since I think the No 1. criticism of the PMBoK is that the whole process and concepts can never be seen as a whole, this guide is a must. Get it.


I would highly recommend this QRG to anyone who is preparing to pass …

By AJ Mercier on May 12, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

I recently passed the PMP exam! I attended one of Sohel Akhter’s preparatory courses in November 2014 and we used this Quick Reference Guide (QRG) along with his textbook, Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Prep. Both the textbook and the QRG were my primary guides while studying for the PMP exam. This 8 page summary contains everything you need to know for the exam. I consulted this guide continuously throughout my studying regime to ensure I was on track and to reinforce all the main concepts. Without a doubt, this guide was an essential part of my studying process. I would highly recommend this QRG to anyone who is preparing to pass the PMP exam.


Excellent tool

By Sheryl S on April 22, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

Excellent tool. Very good at process summary. I shared this with my PMP prep class and it was very well received and folks thought it was quite complete. Great cheat sheet over view. A very good choice.


Good information

By  handymike1on April 4, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

This is straight forward sheet of Information for project managers good job.


A great resource for an overview of all 47 PM processes …

By Kimberly Magalong on April 3, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

A great resource for an overview of all 47 PM processes and the associated inputs, tools and techniques and outputs that is organized by process groups. Mr. Akhter’s PMP Certification Exam Prep Book is also a great tool for preparing for the PMP Certification Exam.


Five Stars

By Carolina Don on March 23, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

Great one source document. Arrived in a timely manner.


The Holy Grail of PMP Exam Preparation

By Kevin T. Wagner on March 18, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

I had the pleasure of being a student in Sohel Akhter’s class last month .. and full disclaimer .. when he was recommending this $25 PMP booklet to me; I was extremely skeptical at first, as I’m sure you might be as well .. I have a 600+ page book, why would I need a some reference guide I thought to myself .. but I gave it a shot anyway .. now I can tell you that I couldn’t have been more wrong. I must refer to this guidebook at least 100 times a day while I’m studying and reviewing practice questions. Every concept, process, chart, formula & term I need to know for the test is laid out perfectly for me right there in this condensed little 8-page cheat sheet. I highly recommend this product to anyone preparing for this exam.

His book is good as well

By ittsmith on February 24, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

This was very well organized and comprehensive. Self study is still mandatory, but due to the volume of material for this test, you practically need a condensed version to use as a flip card to cram it into your brain. His book is good as well. I passed on the first time with only 3 minutes to spare, so do not underestimate the need to be prepared. Dollar for dollar, this is probably the best investment in my career when I consider payback ratio. If you don’t get this guide, you should definitely get somebodies guide. However this guide was good. I think each guide is organized in a way that compliments the book, so i would recommend getting his book as well.


Five Stars

By Mohammed F. Al-Abdullatif on February 3, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

Excellent user friendly tool for PMP


Excellent Quick Reference Guide

By jackie cudia on January 29, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

This is an excellent quick reference guide along with the PMP exam prep book by Sohel. It quickly highlights the 47 processes and important formulas for the exam. I passed the PMP exam the first try from using Sohel’s prep book and reference guide. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Best reference guide on the PMP market no question about it

By dmarie on January 22, 2015

Format: Pamphlet

This quick reference guide is absolutely hands-down the best little Study aid that you could possibly have for the PMP exam contains everything you could possibly need to know for the PMP exam and easy to read easy to access format I recommend that all my students get this when I do my PMP exam coaching


Navigation tool to help guide you through the PMP – A Must

By Frank Passalacqua on January 13, 2015

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

In my opinion, this reference guide is absolutely critical to have….and was my North Star in navigating through the PMP material

It helped me start off my studies, by introducing me to concepts and at-a-glance, and better understand what to expect….
It especially helped me once I completed studies, as it helped me solidify the most important concepts which would most definitely be expected on the exam

This reference guide is excellent because of the visualization it uses. It is also most complete as it extends into 4 sheets both sides.

For the price, this study guide is a “must buy” for anyone studying the PMP… It really helped me sort out the material in a structured, and abbreviated fashion.

The author also has a book, which is the best in the market, based on what I have tested



Terrific Resource!

By way40 on December 4, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

The 8 pages of this reference guide packs in a tremendous amount of technical information, all of which is directly exam relevant. Additionally, the author finds space to provide very useful study tips and exam-taking techniques. Great Job!


Five Stars

By Tige Sundararajan on November 26, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

I enjoyed this guide and it helped me in preparing for the PMP.


Another Winner!

By MrGolfDoctor on November 7, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

I would not do it, but I bet someone could pass the PMP Exam by just studying this card. How all the detail is sectioned and organized in each of the processing areas, well done. Details in every space. This is a good study guide for the commuter or someone traveling. 8 pages of information worth reviewing. I’m going to leave it on my desk. Thanks again Sohel.


Sohel has done an excellent job! I was truly impressed by the information …

By Syed Imran on September 22, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

Sohel has done an excellent job! I was truly impressed by the information and organization of information. “PMP Reference Quick Guide” is a must have for those who want to take the exam and want to review all key formulas and definitions. I wish Sohel success.


Very Helpfull

By Paul M. Snader on September 16, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

Very nicely organized.


Five Stars

By A. Alqahtani on September 14, 2014

Format: Pamphlet|Verified Purchase

It’s very useful to have an overview before the exam.


Awesome Review tool for PMP and beyond!!!!

By Barbara McClintock on September 6, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

This 8-sided handy quick reference guide is a great resource for anyone sitting for the PMP exam or someone who wants to have this lying around in their desk as a quick starting point for their reference while initiating or working on their project. It is well summarized as if the entire PMP resources in this 8 pages! It is an excellent review tool and I highly recommend this chart to both project managers as well as business analysts!. This is a great aid along the way – no matter if you’re a fresher or an experienced business analyst/project manager! I frequently refer this review tool and use this for training purpose as well!


Concentrated dose of PMP prep books

By P. Kumar on August 6, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

I got the “almost” finished version of this quick reference guide from the author as I took his class for PMP preparation. In summary, this is a concentrated dose of author’s 400-odd page book. This is for revising all the concepts that you would study through the book, instructions and any other resources that you use. I was actually impressed how well-laid out this guide is. Carry this around and take a quick glance every now and then to help you remember all the concepts, processes and most importantly formulas for various mathematical problems that you would need to answer to pass PMP exam.


Excellent reference for the perspective PMP candidate

By Joe LaGanga on July 30, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

Excellent reference for the perspective PMP candidate. This puts all of the critical information in one place for the student.
As an Instructor, I would recommend to every student to buy a copy to help them be successful in the test.
This document should be supplied with the book by the same author by the training organizations.


Knowledge is your friend. Be kind to your study processes!

By Elaine Jackson, BS, PMP, GPM-b on July 17, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

My students are raving about this product and I am about to make it required reading for all PMP Students. Students wonder what should they study, how can they manage the massive amount of data to be quickly prepared for their PMP Exam.
Well this tool may be intense but it beats taking 4 months to read all the material and worry if you are doing it right.
We have workshops reviewing this materials and connecting the details to several project management text book sources.
If you are looking for an accurate source review this guide will do it.
It is not a replacement for a qualified proven coach nor a replacement for the text books.
Remember your must meet all the requirements from PMI on work experience and training hours to apply to sit for the PMP Exam.
This reference guide will not allow you to cut corners nor requirements but will help you to be most ready for mastering the vast collection of knowledge and mapping it to information your head can hold onto.
Congrats Sohel on meeting the training and studying needs of project managers worldwide.

Elaine Jackson, PMP
the Holistic Project Manager


Excellent study aid

By Naeem Ahmed on July 15, 2014

Format: Pamphlet

I used this reference guide to supplement the exam prep book by Sohel. This guide helps to remember important topic in all knowledge areas. Very good study aid. It is very well organized and covers lot of topics in just a few pages. This was my go to guide for revising the knowledge areas when I had little time available here and there. I could not carry the book and my notes everywhere, so this was very handy.